Sunday, November 2, 2008

Embracing Joy, 5x7 painting $150.

I am honored by you, 5x7 SOLD

You create your happiness, 5x7 SOLD

Happiness suits you,5x7 SOLD

A magical world smiles back, 5x7 $150.

I am inspired by you, 5x7 SOLD

Your skin smooth with it, 5x7 $150.

Your eyes wet with it, 5x7 $150.

You draw strength, 5x7 SOLD

You are all there for me, 5x7 $150.

Under the seadance,5x7, SOLD

Swirl two,5x7 SOLD

Swirl three,5x7 $150.

Swirl one,5x7 $150.

Swirl four,5x7 $150.

Red heart,5x7 $150.

Paradise,5x7 SOLD

Holding hands,5x7 SOLD

Connected,5x7 $150.

Clarity left,5x7 SOLD

Aqua, 5x7 $150.

I love all of you, 5x7 $150.

A blue alien,5x7 SOLD

True at heart, 5x7 SOLD

Three in one blessing,5x7 $150.

One ocean, 5x7 SOLD

Love over the ocean,5x7 $150.

House, 5x7 SOLD

Floating in Joy, 5x7 SOLD